Band members wanted! 2 guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer...please comment on this post if you are interested...thanks and rock on!

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Posted by whytelyon 80 months ago with 22 replies


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  • elzan said:
    saya drummer asal indonesia, sekarang duduk di persiaran raja chulan (KL), minat nak cari kawan band. bila minat drummer bisa contact saya di 01136802487 saya pengalaman main metallica, sepultura, iron maiden dan lagu2 metal lain. thanks

    about one year ago 

  • ukea7x said:
    im interested...any instruments mentioned above i can x terer sgt pown...duk area bandar sri damansara, tp stdy kat perlis...

    about seven years ago 

  • Kailz1992 said:
    give me your are?? -i'm a guitarist i want to said about guitarist.. u want 2nd guitarist/2 guitarist.. haha.. btw i'm syke's.. also looking for line up.. mayb u can join me..

    about seven years ago