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hello, i'm a bassist & i'm looking for a band, aku dengar alternative/rock/metal (band melayu & english), so sms/whatsapp aku at 017-242 5758 tq

Posted by: drvic
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Hey guyz! I wanna form a female fronted Pop Punk/pop rock band in Johor Bahru. I'm a guitarist and I can do back up vocals and able to assist in writing songs as well. Looking for a female vocalist, a lead guitarist, a bassist and a drummer.. Age : 15-19

Posted by: Flairectrixx
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mencari guitarist/bassist dan drummer(klu blh main double pedal adalah 1 klebihan) standard tuning(klu blh men drop lg cun) influence drop:avengedsevenfold,bulletformyvalentine,systemofadown dll influence standard:metallica,muse,nirvana,butterfingers d

Posted by: malsyed
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mencari drummer yg blh main double pedal.. influence avenged sevenfold,bullet for my valentine,system of a down,metallica dll blh jam berdekatan bangi,kajang,serdang,putrajaya,cyberjaya,dengkil,banting dll jamming utk suka2 n hobby,tp klau nk perform b

Posted by: malsyed
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LOOKING FOR MALE VOCALIST and LEAD GUITARIST! -- Me and my friends are in planning to form a heavy metal band with a male frontman. Our influences mainly from old school metal bands such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Death Angel, Misfits

Posted by: haizeel
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Salam semua pemuzik kami Unknown Industry ada mengeluarkan satu single bertajuk MUSUH dan kami juga ingin mencari syarikat rakaman atau sesiapa sahaja yang sudi untuk ketengahkan muzik dan bakat kami Start playing together since 1999, cover song by Rag

Posted by: faris1981
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To all musicians! Ever wanted to challenge yourself to write that hit song in 48 hours? All while having fun, to be creative, to collaborate with friends and have a lifetime experience like never before? Here is your opportunity! Check out and join 48

Posted by: RaynerT
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me and my friend is looking for a bassist and drummer to start our new band,we play music like joy division,the smiths,pop etc,the vaccines and the cure, (And we Do Not play metal,hardcore and malay songs fyi). We already have the songs,so if you staying

Posted by: redill927
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Band : the deviant Song: melastik hujan (2013) Band Origin : johor Genre: alt rock, modern rock, post punk, Emo rock kangkang. Influence: eka, rusty blade, SYJ, search, wings, Please like and share our music. Enjoy our video lyrics! \\m// rock o

Posted by: Dean darrel
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where is ballad for layla here? cant find it through. also other band including the oldie such lab the rat,koffin kanser,r.o.b,daarchla,oag,bla bla others?

Posted by: jiachi
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