Cynosure - R.T.B. Alive!


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Somewhere in your sore,
When you can't take it anymore, for sure,
With these things nowadays,
There ain't no more time to waste, I've got to go,

I won't take the same mistakes I've made,
And you don't even have to take the blame,

Hey, no way, I want to be there,
But the less I hear the less I care,
Hey, no way, I had to be there,
When you don't I won't hesitate,

How would you feel,
When you had something real, so real.
Came out of my mind,
Please read it! It's between the line,
I don't care what you said but it was just so fine,
So damn fine.

What say you?

endfa6825 said:
best band lets rock @ miri..miri fan will waiting for u all guys..
about six years ago 
paul850819 said:
wow..waiting u guys perform @ kuching..

about seven years ago