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Name: Ali Mohammad
Location: gombak, Selangor
Gender: Male
My artist profile: TickeToNeverland


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KLDC said:
Hi Alimad! Sorry for the late reply, pasal kitorang more active dekat myspace and facebook. Kalau nak join, please check out our myspace or facebook page for our map. Classes are every Sunday 12pm-2pm. Datang je dulu, tengok2, kalau minat boleh enquire from there.
about seven years ago 
theheaterz said:
do listen n comment on our 2nd single..."Please Forgive Me Baby"....we appreciate it....thanx~~~
about eight years ago 
Pesika said:
hai Ali... singah2 lah page kami.. dan dengarkan lagu kami... jgn lupe tinggalkan komen n pandangan k?
salam perkenalan... trus sokong muzik tempatan k? out
(Pesona Musika)
about eight years ago 
fa8suck said:
add my bands..(Dalam Kurungan) n enjoy my song..k
about eight years ago 
alimad said:
Assalamualaikum dan Salam 1 Malaysia..ha ha ha..
about eight years ago