Digitech Death Metal Distortion

posted by mra on 21/07/2010 in Instrument Review


The DigiTech Death Metal Distortion is a distortion pedal for guitar players. Black in color with the word of Death Metal written in red to make it looked fierce. Death Metal Distortion is used by metal guitarist,it is compact and easy to tweak.

Technical Info

  • Level knob: That controls the distortion output level. Turn this knob clockwise to increase the output level, and counter clockwise to decrease the output level
  • Low knob: That boost or cut of low frequencies. Turn this knob clockwise to increase the low frequencies, and counter clockwise to decrease the low frequencies content
  • Mid knob: Controls the boost or cut of mid frequencies. Turn clockwise to increase and counter clockwise to decrease.
  • High knob: Controls the boost or cut of the high frequencies .Turn it clockwise to increase or counter clockwise to decrease the high frequencies content.
  • Indicator LED: That indicates when the effect is turn on. If the LED becomes dim or does not light when the cables are connected, the battery needs to be replaced.
  • Out 1(Amp): connect this to your guitar amplifier.
  • Out 2(mixer):  connect this to a mixer or recorder.


Death Metal pedal has 3 equalizer knob, users can adjust the tone to their liking. Plus the out 2(mixer) that features Digitech speaker cabinet emulation,so users can run the pedal directly into a mixer or recorder input.


There is no knob to adjust the amount of distortion. This makes this pedal so not user friendly and versatile.


RM 280 – RM300


Death Metal Distortion is practical for anybody that craves for a heavy distortion guitar sound. This pedal is slightly heavy sounding compare to Boss Metal Core. I liked the sound of this pedal combined with a full humbucker  guitars. Playing those heavy riffs really sounded ground shaking. Highly recommended for the metal heads out there.


3 Star

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hexerror said:
rm150?? location? brape tahund dah guna?
about one year ago 
lasthikari said:
im trying to sell this death metal pedal for rm150.. anyone?
about seven years ago 
ukea7x said:
boley beli ney....
about seven years ago