Genre: Indie
Location: Not Specified, Not Specified
Year Establish: 2006


About ASNA

ASNA is an all siblings band, Mohd Shahril Asna, Mohd Shahhidzir Asna, Mohd Shazrul Asna and Shezwin Asna. The idea to construct this band is because the love and interest toward music. Btw, ASNA is our family name :)

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What say you?

zexel said:
support my band k..
the elipsis
about five years ago 
r0ckafille said:
hey girl, still workin in Topshop? =)
about five years ago 
hedzstak said:
Korang xde recorded mp3 song dengan lyrics sekali ke?
about six years ago 
SupeRuBi said:
Wow...Menarik!!! Huhu...ada macam kumpulan sonicyouth!!! Hahaha!!!
about six years ago 
ASNA said:

about six years ago 
narumi said:
what a nice to have all sibling in a band ^^
about six years ago