Goodbye 20th Century!

Genre: Others / Rojak Alt Rock with a dash of dirt thrown in
Location: Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Year Establish: 2008


About Goodbye 20th Century!

We can be loud. we can be soft.

we can be pop. we can be punk. we can be abrasive . we can be gentle.

in other words, we're very rojak and we like it. we hope you do too.

we started as a 4 piece. then an angel came along and we are now a 5.

we're Goodbye 20th Century! and we want to move you.


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Check Us Out ! Thanks !
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songx said:
Hi music lovers. Kami ada lagu2 dari demo kami di Facebook page kami. Di jemput mendengar. Terima Kasih:
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