Why Me?

"Can I?"

Genre: Indie
Location: Johore Bahru, Kedah
Year Establish: 2008
Website: http://www.myspace.com/thewhyme


About WHY ME?

Hey, its WHY ME?, a band based in Johore Bahru. Freshly formed on September 08' and consist of two brothers As & Azree, plus three other members Awin, Pete and Emy. Together they share their same interest and passion about sounds and arts along their journey.

Currently working on their 1st EP, CAN I?,the band now seeking for gigs and events. They're ready and hunger to express and spread their own sound and style, at the same time attracting people due to their new, fresh and energetic sounds.

Accept criticizes with an open hand, WHY ME? is inspired to make more musics and believe It's now a perfect time for our musical independence to march forward. It's now depends on every each of us and what we make of this opportunity to ensure our local independence scene growing well.

Support Our Local Scene.


Song title: WHY ME? - OH NO!
Artist Name: WHY ME?

What say you?

zexel said:
support my band k..
the elipsis
about seven years ago 
DaHn said:
dgrkanlah lagu the whylow 1. cahaya 2. it's our fault 3.paradigma thanks
about seven years ago 
beeha said:
jb kat ne?
about seven years ago