Tv And Me

Genre: Indie / rock, alternative,
Location: Not Specified, Not Specified
Year Establish: 2009
Website: none



Close friendship of five persons, who knew each other since they were young had an idea to form a band, TV AND ME. Since schooling years they had interest in music that influenced their life. Starting with THE OLD DATES then turn DRUMMINGHERFINGERS, they finally formed TV AND ME. Consisting five members, who are Farys(vocal/guitar), Famy(bass), Izzudin(guitar),Mirul(drums) and Izzat(keys/synths), they started to show their art and creativity in music. They share the idea in composing and producing songs that will be the identity for TV AND ME. They focused on the importance of originality and art value in every product. What they want is to be in the world of art for a long term.

The existence of "ABSTRAK DUNIA KELAM" is the beginning of TV AND ME...


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