The Fridays

"Hye Sumew...lagu2 Baru Dh Upload...xnk Dgr Kew???hahaha"

Genre: Pop
Location: Not Specified,
Year Establish: 2004


About The Fridays

Acap F - Voice/Percussion
Yan Jimbit - Guitars/FX Ambience
Chey Bacteria - Drums/Percussion
Adib Azhari - Bass
Wan Bellon - Guitars
Said HerrDirektor - Keyboards/Synthesizer

Why The Fridays?

The very essence of The Fridays as a name is simply an unassuming, practical name that works. That, and we wanted to piss off the restaurant chain by sharing a name with such an unpalatable band as us.

Powered by junk food, sodas, boredom and the undying belief that pop music can save the world, Acap F the box bedroom rebel, Adib Azhari the local pinup boy, Chey Bacteria the mild-mannered suburban \\\'Jack-The-Lad\\\', Yan Jimbit the guitar anti-hero, Said HerrDirektor the brooding thinker and Wan Bellon the child prodigy make up the band that is currently the independent scene\\\'s best kept secret (slugging it at Zouk KL opening for the mighty Mocca and swinging out alongside Estranged and The Times for MTV Asia at Sunway Lagoon yet still exuding this vibe of effortless small town-ness). Naive but at the same time biting, and real but at the same time soaked in dreaminess, few have left a Fridays\\\' show without being touched in some way or another (sama ada menyampah atau suka, between the two lah).

Basically the music can be described as bad-pop-music-played-by-easily-satisfied-simpletons, but pop with substance, played as catchiest as possible, married with Punk Rock and Pop Art leanings in all the right places is obviously a better description. Pop laced with ironic optimism. Yeah, that\\\'s it.


Song title: Schadenfreude
Artist Name: The Fridays

Song title: Lipstick
Artist Name: The Fridays

Song title: Wondermilk
Artist Name: The Fridays

Song title: Hit Her
Artist Name: The Fridays

Song title: Stars Hollow
Artist Name: The Fridays

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