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Genre: Melodramatic Rock
Location: Not Specified, Not Specified
Year Establish: 2007


About BLiZ

Bliz is a Malay melodramatic rock trio consists of Mohaid Adib (Guitar and Vocal), Jakalll (Bass) and Opie ( Drums).

Bliz is actually taken from the word “bliss” that represent the beautifulness inside every dark songs bliz ever composed. The music they carries combine the classic melody of malay song with some modern riffing in order to capture the ears of this modern day youngsters plus for the elder to flashback the classic melody that has yet been forgotten these day.

Most of Bliz’s song is composed by Mohaid Adib who was also the lead singer of the band where he loved to wrote about love mostly in his “straight forward” lyrics. Jakalll, the bassist and also a cartoonist of MOY(Ujang magazine) loved to run around the note rather to stick to ordinary bass skills, while Opie, manipulate the drum beat so it would not be some ordinary beat.

Bliz highlight the best of these three talented musician where they all carries their role perfectly, whether from the riff of a guitar and bass, the beat of a drum, to the vocal, they all need to be something extra-ordinary.
While performing on stage, they believe that carrying their potential performing act to the limit is what enjoying music is all about.


Song title: Mimpi Yang Mati
Artist Name: BLiZ

Song title: Syurga lebih menyayangi mu
Artist Name: BLiZ

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MC Band said:
bro.. update la lagu baru korg tu :D
about two years ago 
sHizZorizz2203 said:
ehh 2 Lagu jEh kEh..?? mNe Lagu LeN..? huu...nEweyyy...bLizzzz <3
about five years ago 
amzar1997 said:
cool dude..i love mimpi yang mati...try take a look for our band...the adolescent..but we are still teenage...btw u have a cool name..
about six years ago 
syasyahiera said:
super cool!! i juz love it.. n i was like hearing it hundreds time a more songs please!
about six years ago 
zexel said:
support my band k..
the elipsis
about eight years ago 
monotonous said:
where can i get the 'when you were 16' lyric?
about eight years ago 
husnazara9 said:
dulu korang ade msukkan lagu korang kat nokia iac kan?

about eight years ago 
wadi said:
korg mmg muse m'sia...mmg layan arr...teruja nak tgk korg live..
about eight years ago 
miasara220 said:
semoga bertambah-tambah maju dan lagu korang memang cool!!!
about eight years ago 
acexad said:
mmg bes pun band ni.. coolll
about eight years ago 
haharisoso said:
your band song so cool..
about eight years ago 
blur said:
good luck guys
about eight years ago 
moreh8 said:
dtg la k ;)
about eight years ago 
yuyulroxy said:
hey beb,whens ur next performance?
about eight years ago 
mra said:
Thanks Adib!
about eight years ago