"Single Is Out! Dimensi Zelda!"

Genre: Rock / Progressive
Location: Not Specified, Not Specified
Year Establish: 2008
Website: http://www.myspace.com/swapband


About SWAP

SWAP was established during a time where the world revolves around global internet communication. Video games, cyberspace and the internet are basically the essence of SWAP existence. Our music is a reflection of the things that happen around our social life. We are heavily influenced with a variety of music throughout our experience.

The best word to describe our music is Progressive Rock, or maybe a lil bit of Pop or I don\'t know. Each of our songs has a \"face\", meaning that there is a special melody/riff from a particular instrument that will stand out in each song.

We are also into Classical music as we do listen to a lot of this stuff. We depend a lot on the band\'s chemistry and we believe that is the best way to express our music creatively and with confidence.


Song title: Dimensi Zelda
Artist Name: SWAP

What say you?

swapband said:
SWAP in facebook yo! drop some comments there too. suggestions or wutever u think the best for us. show some love yo! http://www.facebook.com/swapband
about eight years ago 
swapband said:
our single is out. DImensi Zelda. Hope u guys enjoy listening dis brand new song! don forget to drop us some comments here! (∩▂∩)
about eight years ago