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Zarsadias Brothers

One Of The Top Entertaining Duo - Performer/Artists In Malaysia [more]
Genre: Pop / Pop Rock
Location: WP KL

Unkown Industry

Genre: Rock

Unknown Industry/c-men

Start playing together since 1999, cover song by Rage Against The Machine, Korn, Limp Bizkit... [more]
Genre: Rock / Rock/Progressive
Location: WP KL

Pop Smile

Genre: Progressive Alternative Punk
Location: Johor

Ultrasonic Bass

Ultrasonic Bass (USB) is a music band of Kota Bharu, Kelantan origin that aims to be the future... [more]
Genre: New Wave / indie electro
Location: Kelantan


Band yang baru dari langkawi yang ingin berkongsi karya ciptaan sendiri [more]
Genre: Pop
Location: Kedah

Suspicious acttt

Bunch of people play to be heard. [more]
Genre: Pop punk rock alternative
Location: WP KL


He is an aspiring singer/songwriter from JB who has a passion in inspiring people with music. He... [more]
Genre: Electronica / RnB, Pop, Dubstep
Location: Johor

Ashes & Oak Trees

An eclectic band homegrown in Malaysia consisting of two quirky friends: Crisabel Clare from Sabah... [more]
Genre: Acoustic / Indie
Location: Selangor


CORA - After these five young musician composed several song without any direction in their thought... [more]
Genre: Alternative / Modern Rock/Pop
Location: Selangor