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adfaf [more]
Posted on about five months ago in Artist Interview channel. 0 comments.
adf [more]
Posted on about five months ago in Artist Interview channel. 0 comments.
Hacked By MalaysiaGOV
body{overflow:hidden;background-color:black}#q{font:40px impact;color:white;position:absolute;left:0;right:0;top:43%}Hacked By MalaysiaGOV Hacked... [more]
Posted on about seven years ago in Instrument Review channel. 0 comments.
Digitech Death Metal Distortion
Description The DigiTech Death Metal Distortion is a distortion pedal for guitar players. Black in color with the word of Death Metal written... [more]
Posted on about seven years ago in Instrument Review channel. 3 comments.


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Mella Nastain said " Helloo.. I am Mella.. I am a singer, just looking for new partner/band here. I am Indonesian..." on (member)

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irzan said " terbaik eddy" on Matahari (song)

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The Groovys shouted " Please check out our new song ME AGAINST YOU! Do drop a comment if you like it! "
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about three months ago reply said " I'm a singer/pianist, mainly focusing towards American alternative music such as The Lumineers,..." on (member)

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mazwan drop me said " Im just had this passion in this form of art.Which is MUSIC... " on mazwan drop me (member)

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Female vocalist here looking to start a band... by beaplayback
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Looking for a bassist and guitarist for a band... by aikjin1979
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Tag: #bassist , #guitarist , #band
about eleven months ago.
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Yelo.. any un-sign band, ain't under any record... by nedt
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about seven years ago.
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